Artist Salvador Rodríguez was born in Tancitaro, Michoacán, Mexico on September 11,1964. He was interested in art since childhood, influenced by the works of art created by his father. During his adolescence he realized that the artistic talent was in his blood and began to paint.​​​​​​​

A native of Tancítaro, Michoacan, Mexico. Salvador learn his first lines in drawing from his father, whom ‘til today still teaches art in the same city. Years later, Salvador study art at the school of fine art in this city as well, and once he reach the age of 18, he decided to migrate to the United States in search of a better future.

Coming from a family of artists, art is in his blood, and proud of his roots, Salvador has committed himself to recreate cultural themes from his native state. He has spent the last thirty years of his life as an artist and graphic designer. In Michoacan and Los Angeles, California,

Salvador has participated in many cultural events in which he has always been extremely popular, especially in the most important event of his home state, the “ Noche de Muertos”, in the United States know as “Dia de Muertos“ (“Day of the Dead”).

In 2010, Salvador met master artists Frank Martinez and Lalo Garcia, whom became his mentors in the development of new techniques and philosophy in art.

Salvador lates works of art are a collection of paintings depicting avocados that pays tribute to his beautiful state.
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